21st Century Toys – Ultimate Soldier

Welcome to the ultimate source for information on 21st Century Toys and 12″ Action Figures! The company prided themselves on the quality and authentic detail of their products, and we are excited to bring these outstanding collectibles to you. Please take the time to check out our website – vehicles, accessories and weapons unique to the market – and the The Ultimate Soldier product.

21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier Product Line

THE ULTIMATE SOLDIER line consists of soldiers, vehicles and accessories from three eras: World War II, Vietnam and The Modern Era all in 1/6 scale

AMERICA’S FINEST represents the men and women in various public safety positions, from police officers to firefighters, including their equipment and vehicles in 1/6 scale

THE VILLAINS line includes the baddest of the 1/6 scale bad; a variety of arch- villains and underlings to challenge even the most elite crime fighters of America’s Finest.

THE ULTIMATE SOLDIER XTREME DETAIL line consists of highly detailed 1/18 figures and vehicles from different eras.

THE ULITMATE SOLDIER 32X is the newest line from 21st Century Toys, 1/32 scale soldiers and vehicles.

FAQs for 21st Century Toys Soldiers
How do I use the replacement hands?
Simply grasp the wrist of the figure where is joins the forearm and pull it out. A slight twist seems to help sometimes. Then push the hand back in until it pops into place.

How do I remove and put on boots?
Boots can be a little tricky, but if you pull down and towards the toes slowly at the heel and work them off, they should come off easily. Some people have found that a little talcum powder or softening them slightly in warm water helps as well.